The most unusual store in Cave Country! Antiques, Collector Items, Gifts, Minnetonka "Indian" Moccasins, White Oak Kentucky Handmade Baskets, Souvenirs, Crafts, & other old things and stuff!

Our Story

The Olde General Store takes pride in its history and its roots. Being founded in Wax, KY in the late 1920's, "Alvey's General Store" would later become the foundation of the world-famous "The Olde General Store" which is located in Cave City, KY. Over 4 generations later, Leroy Alvey's grandson, Bradley Atwell, is honored to continue his grandfather's legacy.

  • Alvey's General Store

    Thomas Alvey - 1925

  • The Olde General Store

    Leroy Alvey - 1987

  • The Olde General Store

    Bradley Atwell - 2023

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